Sponsors part 2

Amazing lolita illustrator from Japan, Gloria Copetillo, has kindly become a Hellocon sponsor! She has drawn an exclusive postcard just for Hellocon, which will be given to all the Tea Party visitors and she has donated other amazing gifts for the bingo too!
“My inspiration is the art, lifestyle and elegance of antique eras, you can perceive his essence on my illustrations. Lolita fashion englobes all this things in a modern way and that is why I like this fashion and use it for my art. I want to share with the world my fascination and love for this kind of life."
Find more about her work:

Bard & Jester is Scandinavian based team of designers, makers and dreamers, shapers of the world. We have designed leather accessories with taste of specialty from Finland's spirit for a long time. Now we are operating worldwide and we have team members all around the world. Bard & Jester specialty is designed Leather Accessories like SteamPunk and Fantasy styles.
Master of ceremony Jani runs Bard & Jester´s team and takes care of the whole project. Through him they are all connected to create unique designs for the world and to the other side...