Dream Holic

 Dream Holic is a wig brand focusing mainly on Gothic and Lolita styles, but due to our dedication to high quality and bold yet elegant design we are also atracting an increasing number of customers from other walks of life.
We design and produce all wigs ourselves, meaning that all of our products are exclusive to Dream Holic.
The Dream Holic collection includes a wide range of styles, shapes and colours, satisfying the needs of a diverse customer base with different preferences. Early 2015 Dream Holic also designed a new wig cap with an even better fit as well as improved breathability, providing a higher level of hygiene and comfort compared to products from other brands.

More information about Dream Holic:
Tumblr: @dream-holicwigland
Instagram: @_dream_holic_ / @yannmmm
Contact: yannmmm@outlook.com

Dream Holic is Hellocon's sponsor and vendor!