Hellocon's guest of honor: Angelic Pretty

We are super excited and happy to finally announce that one of the most popular Japanese Lolita brands, Angelic Pretty, will be attending Hellocon! 

Angelic Pretty is known for their cute and enchanted fashion that makes girl’s dreams come true. Angelic Pretty designers Maki and Asuka will be presenting the brand as our guests of honor and will attend the main event and the Tea Party!

Angelic Pretty will be presenting their newest garments in their own fashion show in the main event, which is a unique opportunity to see them before the release! Maki and Asuka will also take part to a Q&A session where our visitors can ask them questions and hear the stories behind the brand. The Tea Party guests will have a unique opportunity to meet Maki and Asuka in person in meet&greet.

We will announce more Angelic Pretty related news and surprises during the spring, so stay tuned!