Showcasing the vendors: Rekami Stworzone, Illves and Team Pärvelö

Rękami Stworzone is Polish and i means "Hand Created". This jewellery is one of a kind. These objects were hand-made from the very beginning, are full of artist's fantasy and designer’s forms. Some of them have surprisingly innovative solutions and some of them touch the heart directly, because this is how beauty works - it moves deeply. Most of the works are made of pure silver, that is often colored by the artist, who also uses real insects such as butterflies and beetles. The jewellery is created out of the artist's idea or based on the receivers concept.


Illves loves everything cute and creepy and makes lovely jewelry with her own illustrations and sculptures.

Team Pärvelö is a comic group, which does comics and other art together. We sell and publish comics, art prints, post cards and stickers. The members of the group are: Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen, Raakel Hokkanen, Laura Haapamäki and Susanna Nousiainen. 

Team Pärvelö promised to bring a lot of loliable prints to Hellocon, so we are very excited about that!