Hellocon's guest of honor 2014 is Yuko Ashizawa

Hellocon is happy to announce that this year our guest of honor is Yuko Ashizawa, the CEO and lead designer of Atelier Pierrot! Atelier Pierrot is a Japanese gothic & lolita brand that creates and sells beautiful lolita clothing. Atelier Pierrot will show their newest designs as a part of Hellocon's Designer Fashion Show and Yuko Ashizawa will also be interviewed at the event. Atelier Pierrot will also participate to the Hellocon Tea Party!

Yuko Ashizawa sent us a letter to introduce her and Atelier Pierrot. You can read the letter below:


my name is Yuko Ashizawa, and I’m the lead designer for the brand ATELIER-PIERROT.

First, I’d like to thank all the staff at Hellocon for giving me this opportunity to have me as a guest of such a wonderful event. To be honest I have never been to Finland, and only seen the sceneries on TV and the books. I’m very excited to see all of you out there, and I will do my best to bring some excitement to the Hellocon! 

Please allow me to explain a little bit about our brand “ATELIER-PIERROT”. The concept on all of our dresses is to extract the beauty of female body-line, and we strive to create the dresses with a taste of Rococo style and the pattern of dignified colors.

At Hellocon, I’m preparing to conduct a small fashion show with our newest designs, which showcases “Cuteness”, “Beautifulness”, and “Dismalness.” I do hope that the show will be an inspiration for all of you the fans of “Gothic and Lolita”!

Again, thank you for this opportunity, and I will see you all soon!

Best wishes,

Yuko Ashizawa
CEO/Lead Designer